Petr Fiala, Chair of the Czech Civic Democratic Party: EU pro-refugee policy is suicidal

25. 8. 2016

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The Czech government must reject the nonsensical immigration policy of the European Union. It must reject the EU refugee quotas and not allow the arrival of migrants into the Czech Republic, who are a security risk, said Petr Fiala, the Chair of the Czech Civic Democratic Party. The Civic Democratic Party used to be the main right wing political party in the Czech Republic, currently it has the electoral support of around 10 per cent of the Czech citizens.

The European Union should choose selected refugees from hotspots abroad and it should stop "illegal migration" into Europe. The external borders of the Schengen area must be fully controlled, said Petr Fiala, adding that he disagreed with Angela Merkel's assertion that refugees are not bringing terrorism into Europe:

"Facts tell us something else. Migration of course is linked with radical islam. Muslim communities and new migrants do support radical islam. Europe has failed to integrate migrants even in the previous, rather weak immigration waves. What is happening now is greatly increasing the security risks. Many EU countries are now pursuing an openly suicidal immigration policy," said Fiala and demanded that the Czech state should greatly increase investment into anti-refugee security measures:

"When EU solutions fail, it is the duty of the nation state to protect the security of its own citizens," added Fiala.

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