How Czech police brutalise innocent passers-by because of the "threat of terrorism"

2. 5. 2016

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On the orders of the Czech Home Secretary Milan Chovanec, military and police units, armed with sub-machine guns, patrol Czech public spaces, especially bus and railway stations. Since there is no terrorist threat in the Czech Republic, these units have nothing to do and so they tend to terrorise innocent passers-by. A number of videos have emerged recording this.

Here is a video of what one of these units did to an innocent passer-by at the Florenc coach station in Prague. The young man, who is attacked by the armed unit in this video, failed to produce an ID card when requested to do so.

According to Czech law, the police can only demand an ID card from a citizen if they have a reasonable suspicion that he/she has commited an offence.

Source in Czech HERE

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